The Copper Update

What’s so incredible about the Venduur Copper update?  Everything! These updates were driven by direct customer feedback, needs, and innovation.  Inspired by efficiency designed for safety, Enjoy!

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What's new with Copper?

Instant data access

Are you ready for an audit? What non-employees have been accessing your facility? What credentials do they have? Are they expired or current? Can you easily produce documentation of that information? Do they have insurance? You can answer YES to all of those questions with the Venduur Copper Update!

Vendor notifications

Get immediate notifications when vendors are checking into your facility!

Too many vendors too often?

If you're seeing the same vendors too frequently, we have a solution! Venduur now offers a lock-out time frame during which a vendor is not allowed to check in to your facility. Now you can control the flow without having to waste a minute of your time! (primarily used in private practice)

You say when!

Now you have complete control of when vendors are allowed to check-in. You can assign days and times available for check-in!

"Awesome solution! I was able to get set up in less than 10 minutes! It's great having access to vendor visitation data in seconds and knowing all visitors are properly credentialed! Seriously, spend 10 minutes and you're done, it's worth it!"
- Ashley G

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NO cost, NO commitment, NO strings attached