Vendor credentialing & access management for surgery centers and independent practices

Vendor Policy Management

Set specific policies that vendors must acknowledge upon every entry into your facility! Turn policy on or off based on facility needs. uniform policies for all locations!

Eliminate lost time & money

No more time or money wasted credentialing vendors & ensuring documents are up to date. No more lengthy vendor check-ins, Venduur does it all for you

Vendor credential management

Facilities select which credentials you want us to approve or deny for all of your vendors. Simply access your dashboard to select your credentials

Easy mobile facility check-in

Vendors present mobile check-in screen to staff upon entry to recieve day pass

Vendor access management & tracking

Venduur will monitor and verify all vendor credentials for you, setup expiration dates and access to digital vendor sign-in logs

Credential verification system

Venduur has a committed vendor credentialing oversight division comprised of healthcare personnel who evaluate every document with a 12 point check system.

Our mission

Ensure all vendors are properly credentialed and managed to ensure the safest healthcare care environment for patients, staff, and providers!