affiliate marketing program

Now you can refer ambulatory surgery centers and independent practices! Helping your facilities meet CMS, JACAHO / AAAHC requirements will make you a more valuable  partner in a totally new way.  Prioritize your partnership with your customers and introduce Venduur!

complex credential systems

Venduur was built for ease of use!  It should be very easy for you as a vendor but also incredibly easy for facilities!  Setting up an account only take 5-10 minutes and their ready!

ALL Facilities - All specialties

Rachel Haldims

Tribeca ASC director

20 years experience

Mariel Senry

practice manager

13 years experience

Dr. Damian Axenum

orthopedic surgeon

16 years experience

Shi Yon

Cardiovascular NP - Credentialing director

11 years experience

How does it work?


register 1-2 min

Facilities register at VENDUUR


setup their location 3-5 min

Enter the facilities address and demographics


Select credentials 1-3 min

Facility select the credentials they will require for facility access


access and view reports

Facilities will have access to all vendor activity through the report builder tool

we’re here to answer all your questions

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Absolutely not! Simply fill out the form and we do the rest!

If you interested in learning the Venduur onboarding process please let us know by filling out the form below

In order to take part in our affiliate program we must submit a W-9 to  you must be the first to submit a form for a new facility not currently registered with Venduur.  

once we have received your W-9 and the new facility reaches 7 unique new user check-ins we will notify you that a payment is being processed.  

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