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Frequently asked questions

When you arrive at the facility, simply open the Venduur web application.

  1. Login
  2. Search for the facility 
  3. Select check-in
  4. Accept policies
  5. Show your check-in badge “GREEN screen” to the facility staff to gain entry
  6. If you see a “RED screen” then you have NOT met all the requirements to enter the facility
  1. Visit Venduur.com/app/
  2. Add Venduur as a bookmark on your home page
  3. The web application will download be accessible for check-in immediately
  4. To select a bookmark on iOS you MUST  use safari, Android devices will immediately prompt the download up initial visit to venduur.com/app

DO NOT contact the facility, they will not be able to assist you! Please contact us via our ON WEB chat option or submit a support ticket for the quickest assistance

Everything!  We designed Venduur to make every aspect of vendor credentialing better.  Our system was built by individuals who spent over 50 year in the medical  device and pharmaceutical field collectively.  We know you’ll enjoy the ease of Venduur.

The absolute fastest way to get help is through the online chat!  We are extremely responsive and have staff waiting to help you.  Alternatively you can submit a support ticket and we’d be happy to answer within 24 hours.