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Manage policies

Facility policy management

Venduur has built a platform for you to set up facility policies that would be outside the scope of credentialing.  For instance, if you want all your vendors to park at the back of your parking lot to leave spaces in the front open for patients you can easily draft a policy that all vendors have to acknowledge prior to gaining access to your facility.

Vendor policies are very effective in setting boundaries and rules for vendors entering your facility.  It’s an opportunity to make your facility rules known by everyone entering your facility.

First login into your account.  Next navigate to the main menu and select “Policies”, from there you can add a policy using the “+” button at the bottom right of the screen.


Yes! You can activate and deactivate policies that vendors will have to acknowledge by moving the toggle switch under policies to on or off.  On is represented by the toggle switch orientated with an orange ball shifted to the right.  The policy will be turned off when the ball id shifted to the left and appears grey.

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