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Manage your credentials

Managing your credentials

Uploading a document couldn’t be easier! 

1. Simply log into your Venduur account and in the bottom tile select upload a document.


2. From there you will select the credential you will be submitting the document for.

3. choose the file you’d like to upload

4. select upload

5. All documents will be reviewed in a timely manner


You can review your document status at any time by logging into your Venduur account and visiting the documents section from the main menu.  


There you can see which documents have been approved and are active with expiration dates.  You will also see documents in pending, and expired.


under the “Denied Approval” category you will see your document submissions with notes from our clinical review team explaining why the document does not meet the requirement.

Once our clinical review team denies a document it will immediately show up in the “Denied Approval” category on your document management dashboard.


Simply go to the denied document and select “Re-submit”.  Once you have re-submitted your credential documentation our clinical review team will re-evaluate the document and approve or deny.

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